"LES ETAINS DU PRINCE" are specialized in manufacturing and commercializing pewter articles since 1970. They are patented and protected by 1909 law and are made of certified pewter alloy (95% pewter). Essentially we produce two different lines of gifts:

    -     pewter silhouettes and landscapes mounted on a velvet background in wooden frames.
    This mainly draws on images of the Romantic period and so touches the majority of our female clientele.

    -     A collection of pewter statuettes (about 200 in total)
        illustrating the Napoleonic wars (France's first Empire)
        which has proved very successful among collectors.
    -    A collection of firefighters and a new collection of famous men.

Our competitive situation is unusual: we are unrivalled and the only firm in France to produce this type of article. We control the whole market of pewter figurines and statuettes. We are leaders in the field and thus attribute our position to the high quality of our fabrication, compared with the prices we charge.

We also export to Germany, Belgium, US, Canada, Portugal, Spain ...

Each year we change forty percent of our collections, especially the framed figurines.