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Antoine-François, comte Andréossy (6 March 1761 – 10 September 1828) was a French general and diplomat of noble origin and Italian descent.

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Born in Castelnaudary (Aude), he had a brilliant career at the school of artillery at Metz. In 1781, he obtained his commission in the artillery in and saw service in the Dutch Civil War (1787).
After the outbreak of the French Revolutionary Wars, Andréossy served under Napoleon Bonaparte, commanding the bridging train of the Army of Italy after June 1796, serving with distinction in the battle of the Bridge of Arcole and in the siege of Mantua.

Promoted to Brigadier General in November 1797, the following July he commanded the French flotilla on the Nile, and then served as Louis Alexandre Berthier's assistant in Syria. He returned to France with Napoleon, assisted him during the 18 Brumaire coup, and became Général de Division in 1800.

After holding various artillery appointments, he was ambassador to the Kingdom of Great Britain, and then to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland briefly in 1803, the Austrian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. On 24 February 1809, he was created a count of the First French Empire.

An advocate of the recall of the House of Bourbon on the fall of Napoleon, Andréossy held high military administrative offices after the Bourbon Restoration, being elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1827.