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Empire General Marbot

Reference : GLMARBOT

Born in August 18, 1782. Died in November 16, 1854.

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He joined the republican army as a volunteer in 1799.

He rose rapidly to commissioned rank, and was aide-de-camp to Marshal Augereau, commanding the VII corps, in the war against Kingdom of Prussia and Russia in 1806.

He served with great distinction in the Peninsular War under Lannes and Masséna, and showed himself to be a dashing leader of light cavalry in the Russian War of 1812 and in the German campaign of the following year.

He was promoted general of brigade by Napoleon during the Hundred Days, and took part in, and was wounded at, the battle of Waterloo.

Marbot wrote two pamphlets. Napoleon read the first pamphlet while in exile on St Helena.
This pamphlet earned Marbot the distinction of being remembered in Napoleon's will.

On March 21, in 1831 he was he became a commandant in the Legion d’Honneur.