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Second partner (with signal cones)

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Fire Attack

Like many other types of fires, it’s usually beneficial to start your attack on the fire from the unburned side to protect the exposed space. Attempt to contain fires in engine compartments to the engine compartment. The same goes for fires in the trunk.
There’s almost always a “firewall” between the engine and passenger compartments, which can greatly assist in containing the fire to the engine compartment; however, there’s no such containment feature between the trunk and the passenger compartment.
In fact, many cars actually have fold-down rear seats, opening the trunk into the passenger compartment. This can more easily allow fire to spread from the trunk area into the passenger compartment.
Remember: Just like a home, vehicle occupants may leave valuables inside the car—often in the trunk—that you may be able to salvage for them.  The trunk’s contents might also provide their own hazards.

If the vehicle runs on an alternative fuel, such as LP gas, natural gas or ethanol, the risk to firefighter safety is potentially greater than it would be with gasoline or diesel fuel. Be sure to familiarize yourself with gas shutoff valve locations, if you can reach them with minimal risk, when dealing with LP or natural gas fuels in a vehicle.

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  • Pewter figurines by theme :Rescue
  • Size :H: 9 cm
  • Type de figurine :Figurine en etain

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