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General de la Ronciere

François-Marie CLEMENT de LA RONCIERE Born on February 2, 1773 in Amiens Died on July 28, 1854 in Incarville (Eure)

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He joined the 13th regiment of “hunters” as a private soldier on 1 March 1793. His military career was lightning, appointed marshal of the lodgings on 15 May 1793, second lieutenant on 10 June, lieutenant on 1 September. In 6 months, he passed 7 grades. He was made captain on 23 September 1795 and spent a brief stay at the General Staff of General Lefebvre. In 1797, he served in the Army of Italy and soon accomplished feats, which earned him the title of Squadron Leader of the 16th Dragon on February 19, 1797.

In 1798 he served in the Army of Rome and then in 1799 in the Army of Naples and took part in the hard battle of Modena. At the Trebbia, he was shot in the left leg but managed to beat the enemy in Monte-Alto. This victory earned him the rank of brigadier (colonel) provisionally on June 19, 1799 of the 19th horsemen, then on July 10, head of brigade of dragoons.
From 1800 to 1802 he served for the Gallo-Batavian army at the Battle of Nuremberg, on December 18, 1800, under the command of Treillard.
The peace of Amiens sent him to the camp of Compiègne then of Soissons in 1804. He reintegrated the Great Army in September 1805 and assigned to the 3rd division of dragons under Beaumont then to the brigade Van Marizy in October 1806. December 31, 1806 , He was promoted general cavalry brigade and assigned to the 2nd division of big cavalry of Saint-Sulpice (1st and 5th cuirassiers).

He was made Baron of the Empire in March 1808.
On the 15th of October he passed to the Army of the Rhine. In Eckmühl, on 22 April he was wounded by 11 swords and a shot on the left arm which required amputation. He shows that the generals are not afraid to go to the fire. On June 11, 1809, he was appointed general of division and assigned to the command of the cavalry school of Saumur on August 8, a position he held until August 1812.

On September 8, 1812, he took command of the 27 th military division, and on April 27, 1814, in Piedmont to replace Prince Borghese.
Under the first Restoration, Louis XVIII made him knight of Saint-Louis, then count in 1815.
He retired officially on October 6, 1815, and was recalled to work on February 7, 1831, by Louis-Philippe, who appointed him inspector-general of the cavalry and then member of the commission of the Gendarmerie in 1834. In 1835, he was made Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor and then retired.
He died in his castle of Incarville in the Eure on 28 July 1854 at the age of 81 years.

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