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Firefighter SP 38

Rescue with ladder

Reference: SP38
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Rescue with ladder

Ladder rescue is quite possibly the most physically demanding and labor-intensive action performed by a firefighter. Rescue by aerial ladder requires multiple firefighters, for the equipment operation as well as for the sheer manpower needed to carry out the mission. Throughout the rescue, firefighters must keep in mind that the victim is exposed to the environment and must be protected as much as possible.

One firefighter is needed at all times to operate the aerial ladder. Another stays in the ladder bucket and at least one more firefighter advances into the building to tend to the victim. Depending on the victim's size, the firefighters may decide to remove the victim by having him face the rescuer, face away from the rescuer, be carried in a cradled position or be placed in a stokes basket for descent.


  • Availability :available
  • Pewter figurines by theme :Rescue
  • Size :H: 18 cm
  • Type de figurine :Figurine en etain
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