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Complete Percy Ambulance

Complete Percy Ambulance with Horses + Ambulance + medical staff

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The medical service of the Grande Armée included a handful of very eminent men, doctors as well as surgeons, like Larrey, Percy and Desgenettes.


However, they suffered from a serious lack of resources.


The little equipment that existed was under the control not of the Medical Officers, but the war ministers. This lack of autonomy paralysed the organization of transport for the wounded and medical intervention on the battlefield.


The Würtz wagons (1799), advocated by the Baron de Percy (1754 - 1825), were large but highly manoeuvrable chests on wheels, pulled by horses.


This was the birth of the Mobile Surgical Corps.


The horse-drawn “ambulance” could transport members of the Mobile Surgical Corps, mounted astride, directly onto the battlefield. This brought emergency equipment and care to the wounded, very close to the front line.

The 3 or 4 surgeons or assistants carried with them bandages, absorbent lint, medication and amputation instruments.


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