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Firefigter with door and Lubeck cones

Firefigter with door and Lubeck cones

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Extrication by lateral punching-out

In road accidents where one or more vistims are trapped in their vehicle, the Fire-Department act in a well-established protocol way.
At first, the rescue firefighter of the rescue vehicle (VSAV) will get inside. His nickname is "the squirrel".

His missions are multiple :
- facilitate access by lowering the car windows, unloch the car doors, switch off the engine
- build up an emergency demand
- check consciousness, breathing and blood circulation of the victim
- install cervical collar if necessary
- report to his apparatus chief

Once the rescue vehicle is on position, its teammates will establish a markup protection with Lübeck cones and tri-spot panels.

They will also provide fire protection (extinguishers, hoses...), disconnect the battery of the damaged vehicle, make sure the stability of the vehicle by means of planks, illuminate the area if necessary, cut off the seat-belts, strap the steering-wheel (in order to avoid launching of the air-bag system)...

Since they operate on public roads, all firefighters  have to put on their high visibility vest.

They set up the hydraulic power unit and the tool tray, which comprises shears, a spacer and jacks.
The spacer allows the disengagement of the door hinges. Then the shears can cut the uprights of the coachwork.

During these different phases the squirrel remains behind the victim, holding his neck.

The EDP chose to represent a lateral punching out. But in some cases it may be a complete punching out of the vehicle top.

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