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zodiac scorpio

Scorpio star sign dates: October 23 – November 21

Reference: Zod Scorpion
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Scorpios are strong, powerful, independent and even ruthless people, who know what they want and will move mountains to get to it. Scorpios are passionate, intense and a little bit dangerous. Others are drawn to their dark charisma, but they can get stung! Scorpios expect totally loyalty, and will punish those who don’t deliver it.

Never cross a Scorpio. Revenge is a ~thing~ for them. Also, never expect that you’ll ever really know them all the way down to the bottom. Scorpios are happy to analyse you all day long, but will never allow the laser beam of questioning or insight to be turned on them. They are very private and guarded.

Who gets on best with Scorpio? Aries and Scorpio share a planetary influence, but it’s Mars so unless they’re on the same side (in which case they’re unstoppable) this CAN go another way... like, downhill. They’re either the fiercest of allies or the deadliest of enemies.

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  • Pewter figurines by theme :Birthday
  • Size :Hauteur 12 cm
  • Type de figurine :Figurine en etain

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